Skin Tag Removal

Say goodbye to unwanted skin tags

Skin Tag Removal

Say goodbye to unwanted skin tags

About Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are a common skin condition that people of all ages develop and suffer from at various stages of their lives. Most commonly, people develop skin tags in high-friction areas of their bodies. For example, many people have skin tags under their arms, between their legs, and even at the beltline of their pants where there is constant friction with movement, sitting, and standing.

We treat skin tags using high-quality laser therapy. This technology allows us to target the skin tag directly without causes any risk of damage to the surrounding skin, and we can remove it with light. Sometimes, larger skin tags need to be cut off and sutured to start the process of removal, but in many cases, laser light is enough to treat the problem.

Price & Info

Single Skin Tag: $39

Additional Skin Tags: $19/ea

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